With over 80 years in the floral industry, we bring a level of experience that cannot be matched by anyone.  Our philosophy has always been to create the most beautiful wedding for every couple we work with.  Known for tremendous value, we welcome all couples, whether you are planning an intimate wedding or a lavish affair.  Our design team will create a memorable artistic event. 

At our initial consultation, you will meet with a designated designer where ideas are curated, elements such as floral vessels, candle holders, fresh blooms and other pieces from our robust inventory gathered to set a starting point, and budget ranges are figured out based on your wedding specifics. 

Then days after the consultation, a detailed custom proposal based on your ideas and our meeting will be drafted to include not only descriptions of the items we envision but the extended line item pricing and other “day of the wedding” details are sent to you.  This complete, no surprises, proposal clearly calls out the floral counts and pricing, labor that includes the delivery, set up and takedown and tax.

Once selected as your florist, our services can include sample designs of table floral set at our shop or your tasting appointment.  This “sample” will allow you to see the centerpiece as your guests will on the day of your celebration.  This is a preferred service we are delighted to provide a month before your date and just ask for adequate time to plan accordingly. 

To have a better look at our beautiful work, simply click on the image below.

Kloeckner Preferred Flowers Wedding Questionnaire

Thank you for contacting Kloeckner Preferred Flowers.  We are dedicated to making your special day beautiful and memorable in every way.  We would love to know a few things about you and your wedding.  If you could, please take a few minutes to tell us a little more about your wedding so we can assist in customizing for your special occasion.  Once we have your insight, can send you a pricing guide to offer a better sense of our pricing structure. 

Many thanks,

Mark & The Kloeckner Team